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Almost every culture in the world ahs their own traditions that involve incense - Japan uses Aloes Wood as the base.  India uses Sandalwood.  Central and South America use Palo Santo.  Native America uses Sage or Sweetgrass.  Tibet/Nepal uses Cedar or Juniper.  North Africa uses Franincense and Myrrh. 

Our Holy Woods line focuses on Sandalwood and Aloes Wood, but other precious traditions are also included.  We are offering these itmes in many formats that include powders, woods, peices, flakes, bamboo sticks, extruded sticks, cones and even bookmakrs, malas, and bracelets just to mention a few.  

Good quality Sandalwood and Aloes Wood are very difficult to come by and it is very expensive.  We have tried to offer many forms, with a large price range and simple packaging.  We have searched the world for the most sustainable materials and then took about three years to examine and compare the quality of the materials we offer.  We have included products from China, Viet Nam, Australia, Indonesia, Central America and India just to give you an idea of the search and reach.  

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Holy Woods - Aloes Wood Powder - Wildcrafted, 50 gram

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