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Vinason's are manufacturers of high-quality agarbatties (incense sticks) , dhoops, attars, perfumes and other items for worship and spiritual use.  Nested in Pune, the peaceful and cultural capital of India, they have managed to serve incense lovers with premium quality incenses with a wide variety of natural fragrances. For over a hundred and twenty-five years Vinason's manufacture ‘special hand-rolled agarbatties ‘ (incense sticks) with the skillful use of selected varieties of Indian herbs, resins, and natural essential oils. Most of the fragrances are made as per traditional ancient recipes and all the incenses are hand-rolled by skilled workers.

Their expertise is the skillful formulation of incense sticks with the use of pure and natural ingredients. All ingredients, mainly essential oils, aromatic wood powders, herbs and resins are selected from the best source available. Utmost care is taken that there is no wastage of natural raw material and the whole process is ecologically friendly. Their advanced in-house fragrance laboratory and technical know-how also facilitates development of products as per customer’s requirements.  For over a century, their incenses have been appreciated by the people of India as well as incense users all over the world.  Their esteemed customers are incense connoisseurs, spiritual organizations, holistic societies, missionaries and wellness organizations all over the globe.

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