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Incense From India - Bulk

ABOUT BULK INCENSE:  Listed below are the bulk incense offerings by the Kilo or 1000 Stick price and the minimum quantity that may be purchased per fragrance. 

We sell the bulk the way we purchase it as there is always some variations in weight - both over and under.  It is the only way we can set a price.  

The thickness and colors of the incense can vary with every batch, so if you need something very specific or a very specific number of sticks, please ask us when you order. 

Sticks roughly weigh a gram each, but kilos can vary from 600 to 1200 sticks.  The current trend in incense production is for sticks to be thicker than they have in the past. 

Bulk purchases are always subject to availability. 

CHOOSING INDIAN INCENSES:  Incense from India represent litterally thousands of different ingredients or compounds.  They usuallly contain liquid perfumes as well as sold base ingredients such as sandalwood powder, choarcoal and resins. 

Many or our retail, brick and motar, mom and pops will choose a signature scent for their store.  Often, they will burn the incense outside of ther door to draw people in.  Or you can change the fragrance every day.  Customers will come in and what to buy whatever you are burning.  Great way to sell incnese!

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