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The Incense Works is located on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala on the island of Maui.  It is a venture dedicated to supplying the serious incense user with a complete selection from the world's finest incense producers.  Staff members have lived, worked and bought premium quality incenses in the Far East for many years, and have traveled to other world markets in search of resins, rare wood and unusual incense materials. 

After 15 years' efforts towards producing what we think is the definitive American incense source, we are still searching out new products or developing them ourselves.  Our company came into being with counsel from philosopher Alan Watts, who because intrigued with the many uses Eastern cultures had found from incense.  The sense of smell seemed to him to be of the upmost importance as an aid to enhancing and transforming even the most simple, everyday events.  It was Dr. Watts who negotiated the original distribution in the United States of Kyukyodo product, those cared for and beautiful incenses which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.  And we proudly stock them as part of our unique collection from Japan's greatest producers. 

While we have tried to give descriptions of these remarkable products which are helpful, we recognize it is the experience which will help you decide which types might really be 'yours'.  So in cases where products are expensive, we have made up reasonable priced samplers/assortments which will assist in your selection. 

We hope you will enjoy these superior products as much as we have enjoyed finding them and bringing them into our collection.  And if there is something missing, like a favorite we don't carry, please tell us about it and we'll do our best to get it for you. 

To see all the fragrance we carry in the Incense Works line, please visit our Incense Works Bulk page. 


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