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Incense From India - Packaged

Almost everyone has had the experience of smelling something in the air and being vividly reminded of another time or place where that particular aroma was present.  The 'associative' or evocative nature of fragrance has its roots in the structure of the human body itself. 

The sense of smell differs from the other major senses in that it is more primitive, working more diretly with that part of the brain which is 'older', in an evolutionary sense, than the rest of brain. 

Fragrance is everywhere is our lives now - air fresheners, soaps, lotions, body chemistries, environments - the list doesn't end.  Incense is a way of controlling the aromas we want in our surroundings.  We choose what we need in our life at any given moment.  Do we want tranquility, do we want to be energized do we want to change our environment.  We can do all of those things just by lighting a stick of incense. 

There are three levels of choosing incense: 1) How it smells before burning,  2) while it is burning and 3) after the fragrance is done.  You can be attracted to various scents during any of these steps.  

As you personally change, the incenses you like may also change.  When I say 'change', I am speaking of any change in your life.  Have you changed your diet?  Are you in a new relationship?  Did you get a new job?  Or how about a new pet? 

What makes this line unique is it offers a choice for whatever you are looking for or needing in your life.  And the best part?  It is 'an inexpensive luxury' ( quoted in 1972).

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are here to help and make amazing experience for your customers.

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