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Five hundred years ago a few of our brave ancestors began to conquer fire.  As they tossed various woods, shurbs, grasses, spices, oils dried flowers, fruits, barks and tree saps onto the fire, another great discovery was made that is still with us today - what we call Traditional Incense.  The use of incese in this form can be traced back to the earliest written records of almost every culture in the world.  The words "incense" means "to burn" or "through the smoke" and are interchangeable and connects us to our earliest ancestors.  

Use of this incense and the rituals of burning it can do anything from bringing our prayer sto the sky (higher beings) through the smoke, warding off illness, giving us strength to conquer our foes and fears of now, connecting us to our distant past, letting us think though our current journey or just making our environment smell good.  

Welcome to the experience of the ancients and using this original and purest form of incense available. 

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