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Shanthimalai (RED) Nag Champa

(Red Nag Champa)
Nag Champa is probably America’s #1 selling incense fragrance and certainly one of the most recognized. The name ‘Nag Champa’ refers to a variety of Champa flower that is said to be so fragrant that snakes (in Hindi, ‘Naga’) are attracted to the wonderful smell. Over the short time Nag Champa has been in the market (since the late 60’s), it has gone through many transformations (and as we all know many price changes).
In about 1997, the formula for Nag Champa was sold to many other companies who make copies of the product in various qualities.
Our company developed our own line of Nag Champa that replicates the original formula exactly
 Shanthimalai Nag Champa - The 'Red" Box.
As an additional benefit, the sales of this product directly benefit The Aruna Trust, which maintains community centers and educational programs in over 40 rural villages in India. The principle work of the Trust is to provide work and education for women and children who otherwise would be consigned to lifetimes of poverty.
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