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De-Lites Charcoal

This instant lighting charcoal is made entirely from sustainable Apple Trees /Wood & does not contribute to the killing of our rain forests.

The factory where 'De-lites Charcoal' is produced has been retrofitted to be up to the highest standard of pollution control, with no cross-contamination, earning the Eco- Friendly seal.

We have trademarked this charcoal, so we can end the counterfeiting and false legal claims that have become prevalent in the charcoal business. Production is still monitored by Swift-Lite Charcoal, who have perfected the balance in charcoal tablet production.

So far we've had a great response to our new presentation - Offered in Small and Large Size @ the same prices we offered Swift Lite.

Charcoal is used for burning traditional incense ie:  resins, woods, and powders. 

The charcoal we sell may also be used for smoking hookahs.

Please remember to always insulate charcoal tablets!

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