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Traditional Incense

The uses of resins can be traced back to the earliest written records of almost every culture in the world.
The Incense Sampler Works, Inc. Traditional Incense line offers a broad selection of Resins, Woods, Powders and Naturals.
Each Traditional Incense is a natural product, therefore the smell can vary slightly from season to season.
Even though many of these products are fragrant as stand alones, they are traditionally burned on charcoal tablets.
-Packages are 3" x 5" cellophane with a bar coded label.-
Included in this section are our Exotic Essences.
Produced in house, Exotic Essences are essential oils in a natural cellulose plant base.
Great as perfumes for the skin, air fragrances or on charcoal. (Use like our ambers).
Packages are 3" x 5" cellophane bags with a bar coded label.
*Limited inventory*
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