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De-Lites Charcoal - Small Ten Pack

De-Lites Charcoal - Small Ten Pack



SOLD OUT - See Large De-Lites Charcoal


De-Lites Charcoal is instant lighting, made entirely from applewood which means it is sustainable and does not harm to our rainforests.  The factory has been retrofitted to be up to the highest standards of pollution control with no cross contamination earning the eco-friendly seal.  It has been trademarked so we can end the counterfeiting and false legal claims which have become prevalent in the charcoal business. The tablet production is still monitored by the Swift-Lite Company.  De-Lite is one of our best sellers!

Exclusive to The Incense Sampler Works.  

De-lites - Small Charcoal ten pack deal - 33 mm
10 boxes = 80 rolls of 10 tablets 

($6.20 per box)

Each roll is printed with lighting instructions in English & Spanish.

Out of the outer display boxes - thus the big discount. It will come in a bag. 

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