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Shanthimalai Nag Champa Red Box - 5 Boxes of 500 Gram Boxes


 ***SOLD OUT***

Our best selling Nag Champa.  A gorgeous aromatic blend of flowers, oils, resins and spices.   This superbly pure incense is made in India to uncompromising quality standards.  Durbar stick. 

Shanthimalai Incense is handmade by village women at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala in Tamil Nadu, India.  Made with fine natural ingredients and exquisitely perfumed, the incense sets new standards for quality and purity.  Through use of the incense, the tranquil atmosphere of Arunachala is conveyed, uplifting the mind and transforming everyday experience. 

Production of Shanthimalai offers employment for widows, abandoned mothers, and physically handicapped or unmarried women who other wise would have no means of earning an income.  The emotional support these women find in working together is just as important as the financial independence they gain through their work. 

"Everything offered to others is really an offering to oneself.  The ever luminous Self is one and universal.   It shines in the Heart as pure Being-Consciousness-Bliss."  - Ramana Maharshi

Exclusive to The Incense Sampler Works.  

SOLD BY:  The 5 Box Pack = 5 boxes, 500 gram boxes ($14.25 a dozen)